Citron Silk Burnout Duster Jacket

by Citron Santa Monica
Save $91.01

Citron Plus Size Silk Burnout Print Duster from their "Mystery Garden" Collection.

Long Sleeve - Single Hook and Eye Closure At The Neckline.

If you taken the time to look around our site you'll see we're pretty big fans of black: it's easy, it's elegant . . . but some people understandably want a little color with their black and this pretty duster has that.  

We're also fans of the single closure at the neckline: it allows the duster to stay put while effortlessly skims over the rest of the body.  


This slightly a-line cut jacket will work for any shape: if you're an apple or pear there are no closures beyond the neckline that would have to strain over your belly or hips and if you tend to be bustier this jacket would work for you as well since the fabric isn't bulky so the extra room in the hips wouldn't overhwhelm you.

Fabric & Care: Silk, Rayon / Machine Wash Delicate

 SIZE: 1x 2x 3x
Bust: 48.5"  51.5" 54.5"
Waist: 50.5" 54" 58.5"
Hip: 55"  58"  61"
Length 33" - 34.75" 33.5 - 35.25"  34 - 35.75"

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