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Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)
Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)

About Us

Hello and thank you for visiting . . .

My name is Betty and I am the apple shaped owner of Fiction Apparel (aka: - I am also the daughter of a woman who managed a department store for over 30 years and the mother of another woman who was a clothing buyer for a different major department store for over 20 years.

That being said I don’t think you need to have any insider knowledge of the clothing industry to realize there are some real problems for many women when it comes to shopping for clothing.

I could write a book about the problems but as you know what it mainly boils down to: if you’re over 35-ish or larger than a Size 12-ish you are essentially invisible. They’ll throw us some uninspired sportswear that seems like it was cut for the body of a 12 year boy and some frightening looking evening wear but that’s about it.

Several years ago my always pear shaped now "plus sized" daughter and I were discussing all of this and the seed for Fiction was planted. While I could normally get away with buying a Size XL in department stores (if I managed to find something I actually liked and the XL wasn't sold out), she didn’t really have the luxury of shopping in department stores at all because a lot of them don’t have plus size sections anymore and if they do they’re minuscule and depressing. Fed up with what was available to her she researched and discovered brands that I never knew existed and shopping for clothing became fun again. Clothes that didn’t cling to my belly (or her hips), natural fabrics that breathed, interesting styles that I didn’t see in every clothing store I walked into. I found myself dressing a bit artier and sometimes a bit funkier and I LOVED it. I also found it interesting that a lot of the brands had sizing that started at the place where a lot of brands end.

Both my daughter and I know how hard shopping for clothing is for many of you and we’re here to try and make it easier for you and more exciting. Sometimes the excitement will come from the style itself and sometimes you won't realize how exciting a piece truly is until it gets delivered and it actually fits and flatters you! We offer measurements for all of the items we sell so there is no need to guess if an item is cut larger in the waist or hips and we offer a full month to send returns back to us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime with any questions or feedback.

Thanks Again For Visiting!