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Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)
Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)

DRESSORI Coming Soon

Dressori has been around for about 6 years now and we've seen the brand steadily grow in popularity season after season as more women become aware of this amazing brand.

There a lot of positives that come along with a brand growing and one of them is they can expand the amount of styles they offer each season.  In years past they'd offer about 8 - 12 different print collections per season now they do about 21, with about 4 styles per print and most in at least 2 colors.  

While that is GREAT for everyone involved needless to say that as a small boutique we simply don't have the resources to fully stock all of those 600+ styles in the full size range.

Over the last few months we've gotten more inquires about Dressori than ever before.  Most are people asking if will be receiving a certain style Dressori has listed on their website

So we decided to create a page letting you know what Dressori is ordered and will eventually be offered here on

There are two sections on Dressori's website "Coming Soon" and "In Stores Now". Please note that sometimes styles appear under the "In Stores Now" section before they're actually in stores as is the case currently. Some styles not due until June 15th and July 15th are currently listed as being in stores.

***Once in awhile styles are delayed and we receive them a month later than anticipated.  Also, just because a style is due on a certain day does not mean it will appear on the site around that day.  Servicing customers and shipping orders quickly ALWAYS takes priority so it isn't unusual for some styles to site around for awhile before we have a chance to photograph and list them on the site.

If you see any style you are interested in and would like to be notified when that style arrives please CONTACT US.

Coming Soon

Textured Brocade

VERY OVERSIZED so we're getting this one in XL as well as Plus Sizes 1x, 2x and 3x

All Over Bonsai - If you're a fan (as I am) of perfectly Japanese inspired styles and prints this one is for you.

We're getting the Swing Kimono Jacket in this style in INK (if you're interested in the measurements of this style, click here)

For our more petite customers we're also getting this print and color in Dressori's "Shoto Jacket" - it wasn't professionally photographed by Dressori so here is a line drawing of the style (ignore the color we are getting it in the same INK color)

Midsummer Dream

Shaw Collar Duster (the lighting I quickly snapped these photos in wasn't very good or even but just to give you an idea):

Kimono Texture

We're getting the "oversized boxy blouse" seen below in the first picture but not in that color, we're getting it in the color shown in the 2nd photo:

Foo Dogs - named after the dragon looking "good luck" symbols of asian cultures.

While some of the collection is up on the Dressori website the style we ordered (the Komon Kimono) is not so time for some more poorly lit, quick photos)

Due by Sept 15


Kimono Jacket - coming in the color seen in the photo: Capers which in this style/fabric I would describe as a Bronze color - we're also getting it in silver.

9) SQUARE CLOQUE SILK - Temple Jacket

It gets lost a little in the photo because the model is quite tall but this is a pretty long jacket. The style is just perfect elegance.  We lightened the photo so you can see the black tone on tone squares - it isn't as pronounced in person.  This reminds me of a style Eileen Fisher would do with at double the price.


Shiroi Jacket in Auburn - since this jacket is VERY oversized we will be getting this style in XL as well.  If you are interested in the measurements we have this style in a different print.  CLICK HERE to view.

11) Chinese Ornament

Swing Kimono Jacket with both the TEAL Trim & RED Trim coming.


Yet another print we ordered in the Swing Kimono Jacket cut.  Can you tell how much we love it yet?  Sorry about the mediocre pictures.  When we go to view samples for the upcoming seasons I just quickly snap photos for my reference and they weren't intended to be viewed.  


There is no professional or sample photo available because Dressori is making one of their classic styles (their mandarin collar blouse) upon our request in this print.   Because this is a pretty straight cut we will be getting this blouse in 4x.  Here is a photo of the print and a photo of the style.  If you click on the photo of the black and white blouse you can view the description and measurements.