Shipping & Returns

Shipping our orders quickly is a TOP Priority.

All orders ship within 24 hours (not including Weekends) and include a tracking number.

Buy Two Items or More and get FREE SHIPPING.

If you are only buying 1 item shipping is $4.60 for First Class Mail from the US Post Office (Normally 3-4 Days) or $6.95 for our recommended shipping method: 2-3 Day Priority Mail.

While Priority Mail's 2-3 Day Delivery is not guaranteed, in our experience it has been the fastest and most reliable. Approximately 75% of our customers receive their packages in 2 Days. 15% receive them in 3 Days and 10% receive them in 1 Day.

If you are not sure based on the map above and want to see how long Priority Mail will take from us to you, you can click the link below, enter our shipping zip code (11234) and enter yours: