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Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)
Buy Any CLEARANCE Item (Ending in .01 or .99) & Get 20% OFF Any Other Item. (NO CODE Needed)

Why Shop With Us?


We see a lot of small businesses and even large ones who don't offer returns, exchanges or even store credit once an item is put on sale or marked down.  This boggles my mind especially for an online clothing purchase where you can't try something on first. 


There are few sentences in the English language more dreadful than "Please call or email us to obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)".  We don't subject you to that.

Don't like what you bought as much as you'd hoped? Like it but it doesn't fit? NO PROBLEM. Put it back in the box or mailer we shipped it to you in and send it back and you'll see the refund back on your online credit card statement within a few days.

Now don't get us wrong, we sincerely appreciate it when customers email us to alert us to a return but it isn't necessary and no Authorization Code is needed.

Like what you purchased but the fit doesn't work or you want to try a completely different item? This leads us to:


FREE exchanges are shipped within 48 hours of receiving a return and we confirm the receipt of your returned item(s) and send you your new tracking information.

You can do an exchange for the item you purchased or a completely different item.

Our free exchanges also benefit you because you if you aren't sure of your size there is no need to buy two sizes so you can decide on the size and then have to send one back. Just order the one you think will work best for you and if it isn't we'll send the size that does.


Everything on our site is encrypted.

When you place an order with us via Credit Card the only thing I, as the manager or the owner can see is the type of card you used and the last 4 digits as that is all we need to see to issue you a refund. We don't see your full credit card info, we don't see your CVV security code, etc.

When you place an order using PayPal or Amazon Pay - all we see is the email address and ship to addresses you have on file with them.

We NEVER sell or rent our customers information.

Mom & Pop Stores Are Dying and You Don't Want To See That Happen

To be fair, we're actually a "Mom and Daughter" store but you get what we mean. Sure, large companies might be able to "personally" serve you because some algorithm spits out data about you (that they'll probably sell to other companies) but our personal service is truly personal. When you contact us you'll receive a reply from me (Karen, the manager) or my mother (Betty, the owner). You aren't a number to us.

Bought something awhile back and had to return it because you thought it was too long or too tight in the sleeve (or you didn't like the sleeve)?

Bought a certain style that you found especially flattering and would love to buy that style again in the future if it came in another print you like?

We remember things like that and will alert you if you purchase something we don't think you'll enjoy or if we get a style you've already told us you love in a different print.

Please note our personal service is optional. I understand some like to shop in peace, get in, get out and get their tracking link with no further contact and that's fine too!  

The bottom line is as a plus size woman myself I know how hard shopping online for clothing can be and I will do everything in my power to make it as easy as possible for you.