Citron Silk Mandarin Collar Blouse

by Citron Santa Monica
Save $21.20

Classic Mandarin Collar Blouse from Citron Santa Monica's RIVER FLOW CHARM Collection. 

The body of this blouse is done in a solid black silk georgette with a silk printed layer on top and the sleeves are the printed silk with a solid black silk cuff.  

Do be aware that the sleeves have a slight sheerness to them. Personally I am VERY conscious about my arms but these sleeves don't give me a second thought I just wanted to make you aware.

Available In Plus Sizes 1x to 3x.  


This blouse has a pretty straight cut with little difference between the bust and waist with slightly more room in the hip area. 

Fabric & Care: 100% Silk  /  Machine Wash Gentle, Cold - Tumble Dry Low

Designed in California / Made in China

SIZE: 1x 2x 3x
Bust:  48"  51"  54"
Waist:  49"  52"  55"
Hip:  53"   56"   59"
Length:   29.5"    30"     30.5" 

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