Dressori Silk Dolman Sleeve Jacket

SKU D-W052KT17-08-2x

VERY oversized silk georgette printed “cardigan” from the Dressori KIMONO TAPESTRY collection. 

Dressori calls this jacket style their Dolman Cardigan / Jacket - it's also known as a "butterfly" jacket.

The print, as you might gather from the collection's name is indeed a tapestry of old Japanese Kimonos, reproduced to create a gorgeous, vibrant and modern print.

One of our favorite prints EVER here @ Fiction.


This is one of those "this could've been a One Size Fits All" styles from Dressori because it's VERY generous but due to the silk georgette fabric is drapes nicely and doesn't overwhelm you. In my experience, you either like that oversized, artsy draped fit or you don't. 

I think it helps to think of this cardigan/jacket almost as you would a large wrap / shawl that just happens to have sleeves so you won't constantly be worried about it falling off your shoulders.

Fabric & Care: 100% Silk - Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle

Designed in California / Made in China 

SIZE: 1x 2x 3x
Bust: 86.5"  88.5" 90.5"
Waist: 76"  78" 80"
Hip: 69"   71"  73"
Length:  30.5" +   31" +  31.5" +

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