Transparente Black Embroidered Silk Jacket

SKU T-SV-433-9

STUNNING black embroidered silk jacket from the German clothing brand Transparente. This long sleeve jacket has a pleated collar, slightly arched hem and rounded pockets with button detail.  BEAUTIFUL Shape & Cut!


With the exception of one season where they tried doing 3 different sizes Transparente is a "One Sizes Fits All" brand or as well like to call it: One Size Fits MOST.  Unfortunately for our larger customers given the bust measurement this one size fits all jacket lands in the size 16 to size 20 range - however, if you larger on the bottom than on top you may be able to make a go if it due to its slightly a-line shape and roomy hip area. The smaller bust measurement also won't affect you as much if you would be (as I would) wearing this jacket open as opposed to buttoned up.

Transparente Jacket Measurements: Bust: 49.5"  -  Waist: 51"  -  Hips: 56.5"  -  Length: 32 - 35"

Fabric & Care

100% Silk (Unlined)  /  Hand Wash, Line Dry 

Made in Germany

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